Eat What???…our eat well workshop review :)

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On Wednesday 25th March we held our first education night for the year. To everyone that attended, we hope you enjoyed it! A big thanks to team at Living Raw Café who hosted us and provided some delicious healthy treats. For anyone who missed Dr Matthew’s presentation on nutrition, here’s a run down of what […]

Representing Australia in Atlanta Georgia

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Over the Easter weekend Matt travelled to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend and present at the 37th Annual World Congress of Chiropractic Students . There were over 100 delegates registered from 25 chiropractic programs around the world. The delegates ranged from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, UK, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Canada and more. […]

Clear and convenient – pillars to success at a healthy lifestyle

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Patients regularly ask me about nutrition and diet – what are the keys, what should I eat, when, how do I make the change…amongst many other questions! Two of the important pillars in continuing success with your nutrition are that what you are doing is CLEAR and CONVENIENT. CLEAR means a number of things. Clear […]

All About Paleo

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“Are you Paleo?” That’s a question that’s done the rounds for many years now.  Paleo, in this sense refers to a time when humans functioned as hunter gatherers, and the lifestyle and nutritional approaches research indicates they used. The Paleo Diet ( was popularised by Loren Cordain (who holds a BSc, MSc, and PhD and […]

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