Clear and convenient – pillars to success at a healthy lifestyle

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Patients regularly ask me about nutrition and diet – what are the keys, what should I eat, when, how do I make the change…amongst many other questions! Two of the important pillars in continuing success with your nutrition are that what you are doing is CLEAR and CONVENIENT. CLEAR means a number of things. Clear directions on what to eat when, what’s good for you and why. We’ve used many journal articles, books, lectures and blogs to get to our understanding of a health approach to food. These include The Paleo Diet by Loren Courdain, The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson (and, Against all Grain buy Danielle Walker, Changing Habit Changing Lives by Cyndi O’Meara to name a few. CONVENIENT means your food should be relatively easy to find, prepare, present and enjoy. A great resource Megan found recently has been by Sarah Wilson.  This gave us a eight week mapped out plan of food – breakfast, lunch and diner. It cost us $150 and so far we’ve spent less each week on food as we had everything clearly planned out and shopped for.  We’re two weeks into the eight weeks, and so far, it’s been really good. The instructions in terms of the shopping list and food prep is CLEAR, and with some food prep on Sunday, our meals throughout the week have been very CONVENIENT.  The meals have been delicious, with some real crackers in there. There’s no sense of missing something for us. The books and websites above are all good resources to help your own journey to vibrant health, using clear and convenient approaches to vibrant healthy nutrition.