People often ask us for recommendations for websites and podcasts that we love.

General Health Inspiration:

  • The Wellness Guys – useful information on a whole range of health related topics by three chiropractors and international/national guest speakers.  A good 30 minute listen each time.
  •  Tim Ferriss – Podcast – he has interviewed actors, military leaders, politicians (Like Arnold Schwarzenegger!), musicians, chess prodigies, big wave surfers, investors, scientists – to tease out the tips and key factors that help lead to their excellence – so you can apply what you want too!


How We Eat:

  • For basic information on WHY we eat the way we eat – see our Vibrant Blog
  • Mark’s Daily Apple– a great resource of information for the paleo diet and lifestyle
  • The Food Lovers Kitchen – FANTASTIC source of recipes – strongly recommend their cookbook “Food Lovers Make it Paleo”.    The website is also fantastic because if you have certain allergies (eg. to eggs) you can filter the recipes down to ones that avoid eggs.  They have a free app to help you plan meals and shop.
  • EatDrinkPaleo – has some great recipes 
  • Paleo Australia – another source of good and easy recipes
  • Everyday Paleo – Originally I just got the recipe book from Sarah Fragoso – now I really enjoy her website as well and checkout the podcast there as well


How We Move:

Crossfit is one of our FAVOURITE ways of exercising, keeping fit and having fun.    There’s so many different websites for crossfit – here’s a few of our favourites:

  • is the official Crossfit headquarters website – there’s a lot of information but perhaps not as well organised as other websites
  • Crossfit Norwest has a great section for At Home Workout Resources
  • There are Crossfit boxes in the region – Crossfit Duality is closest to us – generally if you call them up they will give you a free trial session to see whether Crossfit is for you

If you feel like you’re not ready for Crossfit there’s a few ways we recommend of getting more towards that style of movement – see our Vibrant Blog for why we should be exercising in this way

  • The free Primal Blueprint Fitness e-book on Marks Daily Apple (if you sign up to his newsletter you get it free) is excellent for learning basic movements and progressing in strength and you can do it at home or in the park
  • p90x is a FUN and extreme workout – Matt and his wife Megan had great results when they did this and it was pretty easy to do at home with just minimal equipment required (pull up bar $15, weights $100 for a set, yoga mats $10 from the Reject Shop!!)  Ask us for more information.