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Healthy Fruit

“Are you Paleo?”

That’s a question that’s done the rounds for many years now.  Paleo, in this sense refers to a time when humans functioned as hunter gatherers, and the lifestyle and nutritional approaches research indicates they used.

The Paleo Diet ( was popularised by Loren Cordain (who holds a BSc, MSc, and PhD and is a Professor Emeritus at Colorado State University). The basic principle of this diet is simple:

  • Humans have been recognizable as a separate and distinct species for 100,0000 years and for most of that time we have been hunter gatherers.  The general diet of a hunter gatherer involved lots of meat when they could catch it, vegetables and fruits that they foraged for and not much else!  This is the way our brains and bodies evolved to be lean, healthy and strong.[clear]
  • About 10,000 years ago, agriculture was developed, and slowly but surely we became more and more ill as a species.  We developed things like arthritis, heart disease and cancers, which are not shown in the fossil records and rarely seen in current societies that live more like ancient hunter gatherer cultures did.
  • Grains contain components that may irritate gut tissue, such as:
  1. Phytates = which bind to important minerals (Ca, Mg, Zn) making them more difficult to absorb
  2. Gluten = triggers an immune response and causes a leaky gut à Dermatitis, joint pain, reproductive problems, acid reflux, digestive conditions, autoimmune disorders, celiac disease
  3. Lectins = a toxin which damages the borders of the gut walls minimizing the number of nutrients (Glucose, amino acids, fats, vitamins minerals) that can enter the blood stream
  • The amount of processed foods, grains, starches and sugars in the modern Western diet is VERY detrimental to our health.  Just look around – everyone knows someone who has had a heart attack, who is overweight, who has had a stroke, or has another less life threatening inflammatory disease such as irritable bowel syndrome, reflux, headaches, migraines, etc.
  • If you want to live a healthy, age-defying life, the best base for your diet should be:
  1. Lean (wild is best) protein at every or most meals
  2. Eggs
  3. Lots of vegetables
  4. Some fruits
  5. Nuts and seeds
Yummy Eggs

That’s it!  Relatively simple!  Except of course it’s not that simple is it?  The general Aussie breakfast is Weetbix or Vegemite toast for breakfast (or we think we’re being healthy if we eat muesli!).  Then we’ll eat a sandwich and maybe some chips for lunch and have pasta with sauce for dinner, or steak and chips.  Have you ever wondered why you get hungry at about 10am after your healthy cereal breakfast?  Your body is having a sugar drop off and is craving more sugar in the form of grains!

So let’s get breakfast sorted first!

Our fallback breakfast – because it’s quick and easy when we’re in a rush to go somewhere – is scrambled eggs.  JUST eggs.  No milk needed to thicken them up.  Add some salt and pepper and maybe some paprika or cayenne pepper to spice things up and you’ve got yourself a quick filling breakfast.  Often you find you’ll need 2-3 eggs each.  We also add things like raw tomato, cucumber, avocado, olives and ham or salmon.

Ps.  If you’re worried about the myth of eggs giving you high cholesterol – come talk to us at Vibrant Family Chiropractic!

Other breakfast options:

There’s heaps of solutions – you can even make yourself replacement porridges from almond meal and pecans and replacement cereals out of seeds, coconut flakes, LSA and dried fruit.  You can make yourself smoothies with lots of frozen fruits, raw egg and almond milk.  For more suggestions – come in and see us at Vibrant Family Chiropractic.  We’ve got new recipes up on the board all the time and Paleo cookbooks in house for you to browse and photo copy if need be.  Otherwise – get online!  A few great resources are:

  1. Mark’s Daily Apple: