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At Vibrant Family Chiropractic Caboolture we welcome people interested in improving their health into our practice to see if chiropractic is right for them. Here’s a few groups of people who commonly come in to see us:


Through chiropractic checkups, we assess your baby’s spine related to their stage of growth and development. We take an orientation towards natural, conservative care. We gently assess and adjust babies as indicated to help their spine and nervous system function as well as possible, then teach you ways to keep your child healthy naturally – from food to play. We encourage connections between vitalistic mums in the community. and love helping young families be as healthy as they can be.


At Vibrant Family Chiropractic we are passionate about making sure kids get a healthy start to life so that they become healthy vibrant adults. Our role is to help optimise their brain body connection through a healthy functional spine, and encouraging family members to take responsibility for their role in health. A big part of this is educating kids from very early stages in life how to eat well, be active and think positively. Read More

 Pregnant Mums

Chiropractic can be very useful during pregnancy. It can often help to alleviate the aches and pains that come with a growing belly and lax joints, and through an optimal spine and nerve system may help you be the best you can be throughout pregnancy. Come and talk to us and other mums in the clinic about how chiropractic may help you during your pregnancy.

 Sports and Fitness

Chiropractic is well aligned with the sports and fitness world, allowing athletes to improve their performance and function. Elite athletes from triathlons, basketball, soccer, crossfit and many other sports use chiropractic care as part of their normal routine.  Three time Crossfit games champion Rich Froning gets checked every week! ( Normal spinal function can be altered by repetitive movements, muscle tearing during heavy lifting, fatigue and poor technique. This then creates poor feedback and makes it harder for athletes to function to their highest capacity. Chiropractic is helpful to create normal alignment and improve the pull and control of the large muscle groups used in everyday sports and fitness. 1

Older People


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